Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted is another movie based off of a book. This book is one that you would find at a book fair in junior high school. It is still a really good read as you get older, nonetheless. The movie is really very different than the book. It has the same basic idea behind the plot but they added an evil uncle, an unjust society, and a couple odd song and dance scenes. The stars are, Anne Hathaway as Ella, Cary Elwes (of the princess bride) as Sir Edgar, and Hugh Dancy as Prince Char. Ella Enchanted is the cinderella story of a girl whose mother died as a child, but with a slight twist. Ella had a fairy godmother and at her birth another fairy gave her a gift. Lucinda was known for her bad gifts, however, and if anyone protested she would turn them into a squirrel. Ella was granted with the gift that she would always be obedient. If anyone gave her an order she was forced to follow it, including those orders no one really means. This gets her into a couple bad situations and could prove amusing, such as when one classmate says "Bite me," to Ella.

Prince Char is quite obviously the prince but he's been decieved all his life and is unfit to really rule the kingdom. Sir Edgar is his OBVIOUSLY evil, stereotyped uncle. Insert annoying, comic-relief pet snake here. The movie in itself is very funny and this is aided by the narrator, Eric Idle, from Monty Python, speaking in rhyme.

This is partly a children's movie but the type that could be enjoyed by everyone. PG with Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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I really love these reviews. AND the genre pages are awesome, because now I can easily find my favorite ones for future perusal. Or, I can e-mail them to people. Well done!!

Now, uh.... more reviews, please? I know you saw a movie last weekend. :)

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