Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

As the last days for seniors drew near, we watched another very good movie in my government class. This one was a true story made in 2004 entitled Hotel Rwanda. Here's some background information on what this is really about. Rwanda is a country in Africa that was under the control of the Dutch for a period of time. At this time when they first arrived the country was all one people. The Dutch changed this and split the people so they could put some of them in power as their loyal followers. They chose these characteristics physically, the favored ones were those who looked more European. They would even measure the size of a persons nostrils and also how light their skin color was. These selected were called the Tutsis and those not chosen were the Hutus. When the Dutch left the Tutsis lost all their power and the Hutus gained a lot of power. Previously the Hutus were treated like serfs. About 20 years later the Hutus and Tutsis were fighting for power and the Hutus began executing all the Tutsis.

This story takes place when the Hutus are first beginning to become very militant. Tutsis were often harrassed, but not to the point of killing them yet. There are several hotels in the city for white tourists and also for affluent Hutu army officials. Paul Rusesabagina played by Don Cheadle, works at this hotel and basically keeps it running. The manager who is white leaves when the Hutus start becoming very much like the german Nazi party and he leaves Paul in charge of the hotel. Paul is a Hutu with a Tutsi wife and children. He has been bribing generals and army officers for year in the hopes that one day he can call those favors in and save his family. When the killings start, however, he's trying to save more than his wife. Tutsis who know him all turn to him for help. They know he is Hutu and they know that they can trust him.

This was another very touching movie that I enjoyed incredibly. It was all the more interesting because it was a true story and at the end you learn the fate of his family and some others in the movie. This movie is dominated by Don Cheadle who is an amazing actor who can do a variety of accents. He has played equally in comedies and heavy dramas and is incredible in both.

This was a very touching movie for people who can enjoy a more adult storyline. It's rated pg-13 for violence and I give it


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