Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Interpreter

The Interpreter is this year's latest murder thriller. It takes place in the U.N. where they are up in arms over killings in Africa. A controversial African head of state is coming to the U.N. embassy to discuss the current events in his country. This leader rose to power basically by inciting a rebellion and taking control at the head of an army. There are three main warring factions involved in this, the largest is the current leader better known as The Teacher. Silvia Broome is a young woman, played by Nicole Kidman, who was born in Africa to a British mother and a white African father. She grew up there during the time when the Teacher was a liberator of their country from a tyrant, until one day he set land mines out on a road and Silvia Broome's life changed for the worse. She now works as an interpreter for the U.N. with dual citizenship. One day she goes back to work late and in the sound booth she hears something rather odd. There was talking on the U.N. floor in an African dialect known to only about 4 people there.

Sent to investigate this threat is Tobin Keller, played by Sean Penn, who doesn't believe that the threat could be real. He still acts on it, however, under the maxim, better safe than sorry. Is the threat real? Does the victim die? Why does it seem like Silvia might have a bigger stake in this than she's saying? I'm not saying any more.

I'm not usually a big fan of murder movies or books. It's generally not my cup of tea. However, driven by boredom and needing an idea to go hang out with a friend of mine, we turned to our usual resort... watching a movie. This movie is very enjoyable, however. I was interested in everything and was surprised at every twist. Almost every twist anyway. This movie wasn't just a thriller though. The whole story had a much deeper meaning that draws you in. If you listen carefully to a lot of customs you might be surprised by some things later in the end if you put 2 and 2 together. This story also has more than just the plot involving the murder threat. You sneak a peek into the sordid backgrounds of both Silvia and Tobin, and both are worth the look.

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