Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Passion of the Christ - Guest Reviewed by Jim

The Passion of the Christ is a riveting film. We all know the plot, it was written 2000 years ago so there is no suspense or surprise ending. The dialogue is in Latin and Aramaic and it is subtitled in English. Yeah, you're going to spend an hour and a half watching a movie with subtitles? Try it!

  What makes it fascinating is that the people come to life in an amazing way. Pontius Pilate is deeply troubled over the decision about Jesus. Simon complains bitterly about helping Jesus carry the cross. Judas experiences extreme anguish after turning Jesus over to be tried before committing suicide. I cannot describe how Mel Gibson brings the characters from Matthew's passion to life. The actors played their roles to perfection. I was glued to my chair through the entire film even though I knew what was going to happen. The time went quickly. It was over before I realized it!

  One caveat. This movie is rated R for violence. The depiction is no worse than what we imagine during reading the passion but the movie might be disturbing to very young children. I watched it twice and I highly recommend it. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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